A Life In Balance

December 16, 2018


What we like to aim for is to have all parts of our life in balance – diet, exercise, work, family, lifestyle. When we adopt a healthy focus and a holistic conscience, and we learn to manage stress, this balance can be achieved.

Moving towards your own personal goal of optimal health may also mean modifying your diet, increasing your exercise, learning to manage stress, lifestyle changes and seeking natural health treatments which will not further harm the body.

Ultimately, every person is responsible for their own health - it is up to you how you choose to achieve this and how you choose to address any health issues which may be blocking your path to optimum health.

Many people seek out treatments that promise to fix a particular ailment

…without looking deeper into why the ailment has occurred

…without considering all the factors surrounding and influencing this ailment

While we may feel ‘quite well’, this is a totally different feeling to ‘feeling great’! Some of us never achieve this, and we don’t know what we’re missing!

A conscious and positive healthy focus also reflects how we feel, how we approach life, how we react to situations, and ultimately how we enjoy this wonderful life we have been gifted.

Reflexology enables you to see aspects of your life more clearly, and allows you to understand your own health patterns and how you are affected by them.

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