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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a natural health practice which recognises that every part of the body, including organs, tissues and body systems, is reflected in reflex areas located in the feet and hands.

Reflexology treatments cover all areas of a persons body and body systems, by applying gentle pressure to the specific points on a persons feet or hands

Reflexology is a natural complementary health treatment, which is carried out holistically with no harmful side effects.

The approach of  reflexology is holistic in that all the body’s parts, systems and influencing factors are considered.

Reflexology aims to release stress, remove blockages and allow energy to flow easily within the body’s systems

Reflexology is mostly performed on a person’s feet; however, similar reflex areas are found in the hands, and the same type of treatment is carried out.

About Reflexology

Reflexology addresses all areas of the body

Reflexology involves applying gentle pressure to the many reflex areas on your feet. The Reflexologist uses certain techniques to stimulate, sedate or balance the corresponding areas in the body. It is a whole body treatment, as we recognise that all parts of the body are connected and related.

Reflexology seeks to address the cause of the condition

Rather than treating only the symptoms. The approach of reflexology is holistic in that it considers all the factors surrounding and influencing the condition, therefore looking more deeply into why the condition may have occurred.

Reflexology aims to release stress,

Remove blockages and allow energy to flow easily with the body’s systems. Purely by working on your feet the Reflexologist can bring your body to a place of calm, and you will feel a sense of deep relaxation within your whole body.

Reflexology helps to identify

areas of the body which may not be functioning as well as they could be. To the Reflexologist they appear to be out of balance. Restoring this balance is one of the aims of reflexology.

Reflexology assists with the body’s own healing process.

The relaxed state of the body, combined with the energy created by the reflexology treatment and the responsiveness of your body, encourages this natural healing process to occur. Reflexology is a complementary health treatment, so if you are undergoing treatment from a doctor or another health professional, reflexology will work to enhance the benefits being received.

Reflexology is mostly performed on a person’s feet

However, similar reflex areas are found in the hands, and the same type of treatment is carried out. The ears and face also have specific reflex points. I incorporate techniques for these into my reflexology treatments if that is the most beneficial for the client.

Reflexology is a complementary health treatment and therefore does not interfere with treatments
prescribed by doctors or other medical practitioners.

Kirsty van Royen

I am a fully qualified and experienced Clinical Reflexologist. I am a professional member of Reflexology New Zealand and my practice is accredited with RNZ.

The first time I had reflexology it was almost by accident; I thought I was just getting a foot massage! When I awoke from a most restful state, all my aches and pains were gone, my worries had dissolved and I felt energised. Through that experience I learnt that reflexology is a science and a skillful art form, and I felt compelled to follow this path and to learn more about this dynamic modality.

At the end of 2014 I qualified with the Diploma in Reflexology (NZ) and the ITEC (International) Diploma in Reflexology. I continue to pursue further training and professional development through other courses of study. With each client and through each treatment, I continue to be amazed by the healing powers of reflexology.

I am passionate about staying healthy the natural way and I am fortunate to be able to pass this on to my clients through reflexology. I use my knowledge, skills and intuition to show you that better health and well-being can be achieved.


From the moment I walked in for my first appointment with Kirsty I had a feeling of calm and began to relax. Her spa like clinic room is stylish and super clean, and Kirsty has an intuitive ability to map out and begin a healing process. As a practising Reflexologist she has the experience and skills to balance mind and body.

Robyn, Dunedin

I have been seeing Kirsty for reflexology for about 8 months. Initially, I went because I felt need for support at a time when I experienced huge stresses in my life and I felt my body was out of balance. I found Kirsty to be warm empathetic and perceptive, and her treatments to be healing and highly beneficial. Reflexology has been both relaxing and challenging at different times, and has help me maintain well-being and balance in my life.

Sheila, Dunedin 

From the moment you walk into Kirsty's 'haven' you feel at ease. She has a gentle warm nature that immediately reassures you that she knows her field. Her consulting room is clean, fresh and welcoming. Then her hands work their magic and you feel transformed. I look forward to my appointments with her every time.

Lyn, Dunedin

I would highly recommend Kirsty at Ajuga Health. It's always the most relaxing hour and I always look forward to my appointment with Kirsty. She really knows about reflexology and how to make me feel calm.

Danielle, Dunedin